Hedgehog Diaries
23rd July 2017
Busy night at the feeding station. It is not often that we get 4 hedgehogs together at the same time. One beats a hasty retreat while another is creeping towards the food. On the far tight is ASBO our resident bully but in this instance he is more interested in love with the smaller female than in fighting off his rivals.
When in trouble or in doubt - simply play dead
11th July 2017
Please say hello to Nelly who has taken up residence in one of the hedgehog recovery pens. The wood pigeon had been attacked by cats and one of its wings is badly damaged. I think it is more a case of missing feathers than a break as it can stretch and flap the wing At least in the run it has a chance of survival and avoiding more cats while it recovers. Update: Nelly has settled into the pen very well and is eating normally. (lots of poos as evidence). Still stretching the wing.
20/21st June 2017
Please say hello to Nicky who was picked up by Nicola Cooke from Grove Road who is a member of the Facebook Hedgehog page. Nicky was wandering in her garden. Fortunately Nicola picked him up and spotted a rather boated tick on his back. The tick has been successfully removed and hedgie weighed in at a respectable 617 gm. Not big but not emaciated either. I have not been able to get him to eat or drink yet so he is now in Tinkerbell's run in the shade with food and water. If is has not had anything to drink in a couple of hours I will try the syringe again. Thank you Nicola.
Nicky.Nick back from the Vets
I was not able to get him to drink so he went to the Vet this morning for rehydration. He also had an injection against internal parasites. I think he is going to be fine. Update: Nicky was definitely male and was released back into my garden after three days.
20th June 2017
They are not always fighting. These two appear to be happy to eat side by side.
17th June 2017
Remember that bowl of water. It may save a little life.
16th May 2017
Hedgehogs are not aggressive and just freeze or curl up when frightened but now and then they put on a show of force which is meant more to intimidate other hedgehogs instead of really hurting them. Please click on the video link to see how they do it.

May 12th 2017
Henry arrived today after being found almost comatose in a friend's drive. He is not light but is very thin and is an elongated oval shape when curled up instead of a round ball. Our first concern is to get some fluids inside him. There is a local drought at the moment. The county did have torrential rain in parts but it missed Hethersett completely. So far we have managed to get some fluids inside him and hope that he will come out of his nest tonight and eat some food. Tinkerbell, the other hedgehog that we are caring for is at present at the Rescue Centre at Wortwell as she stopped eating but she is on the road to recovery now having been threatened (not by me) with euthanasia twice. I will keep you posted on Henry's progress. I wish I was more hopeful.


Henry - May 2017
Note: Sadly Henry did not make it and died peacefully in a warm cosy bed on the 13th May 2017.